Roofing Services
in Sheffield, Mexborough, Rotherham and the Nearby Areas

Here at Hightop Roofing Services, we pride ourselves on giving local homeowners a comprehensive service range. Our experts take on a wide variety of projects, with no job too small or large, and apply the same methodical approach to every task. In turn, our clients receive roofing work with superb attention to detail. From new roofs to roof replacements, lead welding and chimney repointing, we deliver reliable care to homeowners in Mexborough, Rotherham, Sheffield and beyond.

Do you have trouble with an existing roof? Maybe you have an upcoming build and need a skilled team of roofers to assist. With over 15 years of hands-on experience, we can manage the entire roofing project with an honest approach and guarantees for everything we do.

A Look at Our Roofing Services

New Roofs

It takes a high skill level to install a new roof that stands firm against wind, rain, ice and hail throughout the years. For this reason, you should never rely on anyone but the most professional roofers in your local area. Our team installs pitched and flat roofs from planning and design to the completed build, making sure they meet the highest of standards in terms of quality, visual style and weather resistance.

We apply flat roof membranes as a low-cost solution and also fit resilient slates and tiles. Beyond the surface level works, we take on all truss and beam installations to keep your roof firm and secure in the coming decades.

Roof Replacements

Sometimes, you may just need a roof replacement instead of an all-new installation. This can prove beneficial when you have trouble with the surface materials and deck, but the majority of the structure remains in good condition. Be it a large, pitched roof for a detached property or a flat roof on a small outbuilding, we can replace the materials as quickly as possible for reduced disruption.

Hightop Roofing Services strips and replaces old tiles, applies new underlayment and can inspect the deck below for any additional signs of wear and tear.

Chimney Work

Problems with the chimney can cause issues with the surrounding roofing materials. In addition, the condition of the chimney remains your responsibility, so it’s important not to wait for pieces of material to hit the ground before calling an experienced team. We provide repointing and repairs as part of our roofing services – fully restoring the chimney’s structural integrity and applying an attractive finish.


Every home in Mexborough, Rotherham and Sheffield features strong lead flashings to keep the rain at bay. Typically fitted in adjoining areas and around windows and chimneys, these flashings play an essential role in keeping your property dry. Over time, this leadwork can split or peel away, exposing the surface beneath.

Leadwork demands the expertise of a qualified team. We consider this task an important part of our roofing services and often carry out leadwork when carrying out roof repairs. Our team applies lead repairs and replacements using reliable techniques to protect the interior at a competitive rate.

To learn more about the roofing services we undertake in Mexborough, Rotherham and Sheffield, contact the team on 01709 278827 or 07513 854483.