Flat Roofs in Rotherham
Signs You Could Benefit From Our Roofing Services

No one wants their roof to suffer from problems. Unfortunately, the English weather will take its toll on your property – causing small amounts of damage that build up over time. Your home might even suffer an impact due to a storm or spring a leak in torrential rain. When this happens, you need the meticulous care of a passionate team. At Hightop Roofing Services, we install new flat roofs, take on pitched roof repairs, carry out reroofing and implement uPVC fascias and soffits that protect the eaves of your Rotherham property.

Read on to discover a few of the signs that you’re due a visit from our team. If you’d like a no-obligation quotation or want to discuss our roofing services, please feel free to get in touch.

Flat Roofs

Modern flat systems prove far superior to older products and can typically stand for decades. That said, they can also fail due to poor workmanship or the proper pitch. Any good roofing team knows that ‘flat’ roofs still require a slight angle to allow for surface runoff and must plan accordingly. Pooling water is a major concern because it only causes further problems.

Blistering can also occur in flat roofs as the surface lifts from the layer below. Should this happen, our team can perform the necessary roof repairs for your property in the Rotherham area.

Pitched Roofs

Keep an eye out for pieces of roof materials around your home. Look to the gutter system, fascias and soffits too. You might spot fallen tiles that signal a hole in the roofing surface. Skilled in the reroofing process, we can apply all-new slates and tiles that let the water run safely into the gutters. Why not ask us to perform a comprehensive roof survey, checking for moss, damaged tiles, trouble with the chimney or lead flashing problems that could cause a leak?

It’s also a great idea to check the rafters in case of wood rot. You might even see light coming through the roof, putting your house in Rotherham or the nearby areas at risk on a rainy day.

Roofline Issues

Gutters, fascias and soffits all complement each other in terms of aesthetic and functionality. This means that damage to one can impact another, making roof repairs inevitable. With a talent for new pitched roofs, flat roofs, reroofing and a range of roofing services, we supply and fit the latest uPVC products and can fully repair your gutters.

Look out for holes in the roofline, condensation in the roof cavity and listen carefully for squirrels or other pests. A hole in the fascias and soffits allow wildlife to call your property in Rotherham home, giving them free entry to your possessions and electric cables.

Other signs you could use our roofing services include:

  • A dark or unsightly appearance to your existing roof
  • The roof looks bowed or damaged in any way
  • It’s reached the end of its expected lifecycle
  • You keep spending on frequent roof repairs
  • The need for reroofing or a roof replacement
  • You see a leak in the home or flaking plasterwork

To discuss our roofing services or new flat roofs in the Rotherham area, please call either 01709 278827 or 07513 854483.