Reroofing in Sheffield
Maintenance Tips to Reduce the Need for Roof Repairs

The roof isn’t always the first thing you think of when it comes to home improvement and maintenance. That said, it is vitally important and any problems could have a damaging effect on the interior – leaving your property in a poor state of repair. To reduce the need for emergency roof repairs in and around Sheffield, we have compiled a list of helpful tips for you to follow. Should you need reroofing, pitched or flat roofs or wish to discuss roofline materials like the fascias and soffits, then a member of our team will be delighted to assist.

Keep Tall Trees Trimmed

Known locally for delivering a range of roofing services, we can repair your roof after an impact due to a fallen branch or tree. By clipping the branches each year and spreading the tree's weight evenly, your home becomes less likely to suffer from problems due to a storm. Fallen branches can hurt pitched and flat roofs alike, so make sure you maintain trees overhanging your extension, garage, shed or outbuilding.

Take a Look at the Eaves

Look upwards a few times a year to inspect the gutters, fascias and soffits attached to your Sheffield property. You may be able to see signs of damage, such as a crack or hole. If these problems get any worse, it only takes a curious squirrel to discover the gap to see your house as their home. UPVC soffits and fascias won't rot like traditional timber, so it’s best to call for roof repairs, replacements and other roofing services at the first sign of a problem.

Keep Your Roof Clean

Pitched roofs can collect moss and algae, while flat roofs collect debris as time goes on. Semi-regular cleaning keeps your roof in great shape, making it less likely that you’ll need reroofing for your Sheffield home. You can usually see large patches of moss growing while checking from ground level, but you could also ask a trusted roofer to perform a survey on your behalf. We always advise professional care when it comes to roof repairs and maintenance – and never trying to do these things yourself.

Clear Out Blockages

Clogged gutters can affect pitched and flat roofs at any time but mainly occur in the autumn due to falling leaves. Rain will then add to the weight, causing more problems for your gutters, fascias and soffits alike. Contact a roofing services company once a year to keep the gutters performing at their best. Anything less could result in a blockage followed by water ingress, which can damage the property in numerous ways.

Contact the Professionals

Although you can inspect some aspects of the roof from ground level, there’s only so much you can do without the aid of an experienced contractor. Hightop Roofing Services installs new flat roofs across Sheffield and the surrounding areas, maintains rooflines by fitting new fascias and soffits, performs rapid roof repairs, and manages a cost-effective reroofing process.

We also conduct lead welding, chimney work and apply flat-roofed membranes renowned for their long-term stability and weatherproof qualities.

For roof repairs, reroofing and more in the Sheffield area, please call Hightop Roofing Services on 01709 278827 or 07513 854483.